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More than just data tracking APP

Rolle Pass
Start your career with one click

Select your ski resort and simply click the start button to begin recording. POWLY’s tracking feature will automatically record your ski data which includes: ride distance, vertical drop, top speed, numbers of lift and calorie consumption. You can check your altitude and coordinates at any time!

Need Photos?

Frustrated about not having good photos when you go skiing ? POWLY has got you covered with the professional snow photographer booking feature. You can find a photographer who fits your taste and time slot to capture your moments on the snow. You can even test your luck at our picture wall, maybe one of our photographers have captured the moment when you are carving hard!

The Pow Game

With our unique skill tree function, you can show off your achievements to your friends through our skill badge. Upload your tricks video to get verified badge from the Powly Freestyle team. The verified badge can prove your capability on snow!   


Become a

Make money while you take photos for our riders If you are a photographer who can ride. Upload your profile and apply to become a photographer of POWLY.


King of the mountain

Become the king of the mountain in your local resort by climbing to the top of the ranking system.

Share your
POW day

Share your snowboard/ski photos with others in the community, make new friends and shred together.

Climbing to the Top

Never got lost

View your ski trajectory throughout the day. Add your friends on POWLY to view each others location at all times while riding the slopes.


         We are more than just data tracking APP, integrating your riding with gaming like feature. Worry about not having good photos while you riding? We’ve got you covered with professional snow photographer.

POWLY – snow lifestyle App, Free your ride!   

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